Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How To Not Stress Over Your Wedding

I decided to blog about this topic based on experiences from my own wedding and comments I've heard from other brides. Planning a wedding can be so much fun yet sooo stressful at the same time! So many details are involved and I've realized, as brides, we sweat the small stuff! Take note of these tips:
  1. The Infamous Guest List: A wedding is about sharing YOUR day with your friends and family, not with random people you just met or people you haven't talked to in years... facebook does not count! Most of the random people who want to come to your wedding don't even want to be there for you. They are only interested in free food, drinks, and a good party! You should not feel bad for not inviting someone that you do not want to be there. Remember, it is your day. Plus everyone will not bring a gift anyway! I digress...
  2. You Cannot Please Everybody: Let me tell you, a wedding brings out the true colors and emotions in everybody! I'm talking about friends and family. Everyone wants to be involved in some way or another and they want to tell you how your wedding should be! You just have to brush this stuff off and try not to lose focus of why you are getting married.
  3. Details: A lot of brides stress over small details that no one will notice anyway. Seriously, who keeps wedding favors? No one noticed your personalized matches at your wedding... get my drift?!
  4. Wedding Theme: Your wedding is not a circus. I prefer to say wedding style than theme. Keep it simple and sweet and do not go overboard. Note: do not have more than 3 colors in your wedding decor. Any more will start looking tacky.
  5. KIDS: You do not have to have kids at your wedding if you do not want to. If the parents get offended, they should get over it. No one wants babies crying out during their ceremony!
  6. Do It Yourself: Have you found some hot new decor item that you want at your wedding but can't afford it? Try making it yourself! There are so many tutorial videos on the Internet, that you will find anything you want!
  7. Get The Groom Involved: I was fortunate enough to have a fiance who was interested in our wedding planning. Ask the groom what he likes. Make sure the wedding reflects his style as well so that he will want to help out. Remember, it's not just about the bride. Also, assign him some tasks so he can help you!
  8. Process of Elimination: Once you figure out your wedding style, start eliminating anything that doesn't reflect that. This will save your time and your sanity! When my husband and I were searching for a wedding venue, we already knew we wanted a modern wedding in the city. We did not visit venues outside of the city because that wasn't what we wanted. This saved us, what could have been, a huge headache in the long run.
  9. Stick To Your Budget: Develop a budget and stick to it! There are so many ideas for weddings, that it is easy to go over budget, but it's not worth it. Try to negotiate with your vendors as well. Most are willing to work with you to get your business. Plus, your guests will not even notice those random things you splurged on.
Just remember, do not lose focus of what's most important, your marriage! The wedding is one day. Do not put more energy into your wedding planning than you do your relationship during your engagement. Once the wedding is over and everyone is gone, it will be just you and your husband... the love of your life!
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