Thursday, November 18, 2010

Holiday Decor: Part 1

Are you excited about decorating for the holidays, but want a way to spice it up? Well I have some tips to help you through the process. I attended Wine and Design at Nandina Home in Inman Park last night. One of the owners, Susan Victor did some awesome table displays and gave some great suggestions along the way. Her tips are below:

Choose A Color Scheme:
You can base your color palette on decorations you already have, or on the colors in your home. If you have primarily gold, keep it, but add a punch of pink and orange. If you are a traditionalist and love green and red, add touches of black for impact.

Decide On A Theme:
Do you want a glitzy high style look? Or a traditional rustic look? Both are beautiful, just don't mix themes in the same room.

Achieve Symmetry, Repetition & Proportion:
Symmetry is a great way to add a focal point to a fireplace, entrance, or staircase. Flanking a fireplace or entrance with poinsettias or topiaries makes these architectural details of your home a real focal point.

Repetition is key! Make sure you have enough of something to make a statement. If you use huge sliver ornaments on your tree, add them to the garland on your fireplace, put them in crystal containers on your table, and put them in the wreath on your door. Try to use the same ribbon throughout a room or area, and when displaying a collection keep them within one area so that it makes an impact.

With proportion the key is to vary the size and texture of all of your elements. Use large and small ornaments on the tree, or group a set of odd numbered candle sticks that are the same substance (crystal or silver) but vary in size. Mix textures to add interest to your decorations - bring in soft velvet tree skirts, sparking crystal, glittering twigs, rough baskets, and fresh greens.

Make A Statement:
For holiday decorating there is no easier or cheaper way to make a statement than with a can of spray paint. Use silver or gold to spray paint twigs, bamboo, ivy, or holly. If you are really daring, take an assortment of gourds or fruits, spray them all a deep chocolate or copper, and once dry give a second coat of high gloss lacquer. Can you imagine that mixed with votives and placed strategically down the center of your dining table?

Below are pictures I took from the event.

Thanksgiving table scape. That is actually a throw on the table!

Did you really think I would take all these pictures with not being in at least one?? Child please!

Glitzy table scape. This design would be for a buffet table because it would obstruct the view for people sitting across from each other. To flip this for a dining table, simple remove the wide pieces and keep the candles. Add some low vases with hydrangea and viola! Notice that the leaves are spray painted.

I took this pic because I love the set-up. What a perfect combination of modern (table) and traditional (sofa)

This is a good set-up for an entrance or as a focal point. Notice the varying height and textures?

That runner going down the table is actually left over curtain fabric. Use what you already have in your home!

Christmas theme with a playful touch. Yes people, that is real cotton.

That's a throw on the mantle. Just add height.

What a nice way to decorate your chairs. Just tie some fabric around them.

A large suction cup is used to stick the display on the mirror

Whew! This is a lot of information! I have to run, but check back later for more tips.

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  1. LOVE the cotton on the table! SO fun and Southern! Love your blog!