Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bridal Help!

Are you a Broke Ass Bride? Did I catch you off guard? Well... answer the question! If you are, visit Broke-Ass-Bride for creative out-of-the box ideas for your wedding. Dana and her team write about inspiring ways to save on those fancy things you want for your wedding. You will get a kick out of her website!

A new wedding site is coming to town and it's predicted to be some serious competition for MYOOX and Guilt Group. It's called THE AISLE NEW YORK, and it will service the $47 billion dollar wedding industry! The Aisle is a members only site and will offer one stop shopping for brides from every aspect of their outfit, to every aspect of their wedding. The Aisle has already established exclusive deals with luxury designers in the wedding industry. Can you say SALE!!! Go to their website and pre-register today! I'm excited about this site and I'm already married! To find out more, click here:
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