Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Inspiration Board: Glamorous Purple and Red Wedding

Photo Credits: From left - Drinks - Project Wedding; Pillow -  The Knot; Flowers - YR Photo; Cake - Mieng Saetia Photography; Tux - (my wedding); Tablescape - YR Photo; Shoes - (my wedding); Tables - Brian Dorsey Studios; Chair - Project Wedding; Dress - Love by Enzoani

I created this inspiration board for a bride getting married in April. Her main color is eggplant purple and she decided to accent with deep red. The two colors are beautiful together! It feels regal and glamorous!

If you need help with style and decor for your event, let me know and I'll create an inspiration board for you!

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Vendor Spotlight - Calligraphy By Jennifer

Calligraphy is a wonderful way to add a sophisticated and upscale touch to your stationary. Meet Jennifer Gillespie with Calligraphy by Jennifer. She specializes in modern, traditional, and exquisite hand lettering for any occasion. Her work is remarkable! Click here to visit her website.

Use Calligraphy by Jennifer for your place and escort cards, envelopes, table numbers, invitations, thank you cards, and custom hand stamps!


Stylish Duo Design

I love the Stylish Duo Design. It combines hand calligraphy and traditional invitation design. Every suite has hand lettered first names written by Jennifer combined with printed layout designs by Allison Barnhill. If you are looking for a way to make a sophisticated first impression for your event, then Calligraphy by Jennifer is the way to go!

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Affordable Holiday Gift Ideas

Are you shopping for the holidays on a budget? Aren't we all! Check out Festivity for affordable gift ideas.

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Wedding Planning iPhone App

Ok Brides, if you do not have this app on your iPhone, get it now! This is such a brilliant idea! Allow celebrity wedding planner, Mindy Weiss, to help you plan your wedding!

"Mindy Weiss, one of Hollywood's most sought after Celebrity Wedding Planner and Lifestyle experts is here to help you plan your wedding. Mindy's signature iPhone Application will save you time and keep you organized with exclusive videos, insider tips and instant exposure to today's hottest trends. Now you too have access to the same advice and knowledge Mindy shares with her celebrity couples." Mindy Weiss

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I'm Engaged!!! Now what?!

Are you newly engaged and do not know what the first step is in planning your wedding? Well, I've got you covered. Just take a breath, relax, and follow these guidelines posted by Brides Magazine. This lists topics for every detail of your wedding from money and wedding style, to your guest list and wedding website. Click here for details.
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Sonnia & Jolon's Engagement Party

Thanksgiving has come and gone and Christmas is right around the corner! I LOVE the holidays!

Check out the pics below of the engagement party I planned for my sister the day after Thanksgiving. It was such a joyful and intimate affair. The future bride and groom felt so much love, just look at all the smiles!

The buffet table. The wedding colors are indigo blue and fuchsia.

Front entrance: Those are pumpkins. A can of spray paint and glitter always adds pizazz.

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Holiday Decor: Part 2

I'm back! So sorry for the delay in getting you the rest of the decor tips. I've been so busy preparing for the holidays. I'm hitting the road bright and early in the morning for NC, my hometown. I wanted to get this information to you before I left. So here it goes!

Table Decor Tips:

Mix Up Your Dishes
Using different patterned dishes will add character and a bit of style to your table. Just envision piecing an outfit together. You don't want everything to be "matchy matchy".

Let Nature Inspire You
One way to add decor to your table is to use leaves and twigs from your own back yard! Magnolia leaves work great.

Use Spray Paint
Want to spice things up? Use spray paint! Add a silver shimmer to those magnolia leaves and your table will go from drab to fab!

Invest in Dripless Candles 
This is simple. You don't want to set a beautiful buffet table only to have wax all over the place.

Decorative Balls
You can find these at any decor store. Or use Christmas ornaments. These items will look great on your table.

Gift Ideas:

The Entertainer - Give the gift that will be the talk of the party!
Ideal Choices: Enamel Holiday Trays, Ice Buckets, Wine Decanters, Cheese Trays and Knife Serving Sets.

The Stylista - Always ahead of the trends - surprise her with something she won't find anywhere else.
Ideal Choices: Pendant Jewelry, Knit Circle Scarf, Totes, Jewelry Boxes, Throws.

The Man in Your Life - Guys love their toys! Surprise him with golf club bottle openers or something for his office.
Ideal Choices: Desk Sets, Paperweights, Business Card Holders, Wallets, Books.

The Pet Lover - Give your animal lover something that is perfect for their pet and their home.
Ideal Choices: Dog Beds and Duvet Covers, Pet Frames, Pet Ornaments, Books and Collars

Hopefully these tips will help you as you prepare for Thanksgiving! I know I will be using some because I'm planning an engagement party on Friday. I plan on creating a fall themed buffet table using the couples wedding colors of indigo blue and fuchsia. This should be interesting. I'll definitely post pictures when I return. If I don't get a chance to get back on here again before Thursday, have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!
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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Etiquette: Table Setting Guide

Just in time for the holidays! Click here to view the table setting guide.
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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Holiday Decor: Part 1

Are you excited about decorating for the holidays, but want a way to spice it up? Well I have some tips to help you through the process. I attended Wine and Design at Nandina Home in Inman Park last night. One of the owners, Susan Victor did some awesome table displays and gave some great suggestions along the way. Her tips are below:

Choose A Color Scheme:
You can base your color palette on decorations you already have, or on the colors in your home. If you have primarily gold, keep it, but add a punch of pink and orange. If you are a traditionalist and love green and red, add touches of black for impact.

Decide On A Theme:
Do you want a glitzy high style look? Or a traditional rustic look? Both are beautiful, just don't mix themes in the same room.

Achieve Symmetry, Repetition & Proportion:
Symmetry is a great way to add a focal point to a fireplace, entrance, or staircase. Flanking a fireplace or entrance with poinsettias or topiaries makes these architectural details of your home a real focal point.

Repetition is key! Make sure you have enough of something to make a statement. If you use huge sliver ornaments on your tree, add them to the garland on your fireplace, put them in crystal containers on your table, and put them in the wreath on your door. Try to use the same ribbon throughout a room or area, and when displaying a collection keep them within one area so that it makes an impact.

With proportion the key is to vary the size and texture of all of your elements. Use large and small ornaments on the tree, or group a set of odd numbered candle sticks that are the same substance (crystal or silver) but vary in size. Mix textures to add interest to your decorations - bring in soft velvet tree skirts, sparking crystal, glittering twigs, rough baskets, and fresh greens.

Make A Statement:
For holiday decorating there is no easier or cheaper way to make a statement than with a can of spray paint. Use silver or gold to spray paint twigs, bamboo, ivy, or holly. If you are really daring, take an assortment of gourds or fruits, spray them all a deep chocolate or copper, and once dry give a second coat of high gloss lacquer. Can you imagine that mixed with votives and placed strategically down the center of your dining table?

Below are pictures I took from the event.

Thanksgiving table scape. That is actually a throw on the table!

Did you really think I would take all these pictures with not being in at least one?? Child please!

Glitzy table scape. This design would be for a buffet table because it would obstruct the view for people sitting across from each other. To flip this for a dining table, simple remove the wide pieces and keep the candles. Add some low vases with hydrangea and viola! Notice that the leaves are spray painted.

I took this pic because I love the set-up. What a perfect combination of modern (table) and traditional (sofa)

This is a good set-up for an entrance or as a focal point. Notice the varying height and textures?

That runner going down the table is actually left over curtain fabric. Use what you already have in your home!

Christmas theme with a playful touch. Yes people, that is real cotton.

That's a throw on the mantle. Just add height.

What a nice way to decorate your chairs. Just tie some fabric around them.

A large suction cup is used to stick the display on the mirror

Whew! This is a lot of information! I have to run, but check back later for more tips.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Ok, I am absolutely in LOVE with Amy Atlas's dessert tables. Her work is FANTABULOUS!! Please click here to see for yourself. You will see so many dessert table ideas for weddings, birthday parties, holiday parties, bar and bat mitzvahs... the list goes on! I think I've discovered a new found passion. I WILL make dessert tables!!!! I'm convincing my next client to do this!

Bobbette and Belle submitted the pictures below to Amy's website. This dessert table was prepared for a charity event. This is just down right gorgeous!

The decor for this event was classic, fresh, contemporary... just beautiful! Talk about inspiration. I can see myself sitting on the sofa in the living room, holding my tea cup while nibbling on a macaroon. I'm daydreaming now... ttyl!
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A Royal Wedding

I'm sure you all know by now that Prince William and Kate Middleton are finally engaged! Their wedding will take place next year and designers have already started creating sketches for her wedding dress! Click on the link below to view the sketches the designers submitted. Maybe you can show them to your local seamstress to have your very own Royal Wedding Gown made! HAHA!

The Royal Couple

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bridal Help!

Are you a Broke Ass Bride? Did I catch you off guard? Well... answer the question! If you are, visit Broke-Ass-Bride for creative out-of-the box ideas for your wedding. Dana and her team write about inspiring ways to save on those fancy things you want for your wedding. You will get a kick out of her website!

A new wedding site is coming to town and it's predicted to be some serious competition for MYOOX and Guilt Group. It's called THE AISLE NEW YORK, and it will service the $47 billion dollar wedding industry! The Aisle is a members only site and will offer one stop shopping for brides from every aspect of their outfit, to every aspect of their wedding. The Aisle has already established exclusive deals with luxury designers in the wedding industry. Can you say SALE!!! Go to their website and pre-register today! I'm excited about this site and I'm already married! To find out more, click here:
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How To Not Stress Over Your Wedding

I decided to blog about this topic based on experiences from my own wedding and comments I've heard from other brides. Planning a wedding can be so much fun yet sooo stressful at the same time! So many details are involved and I've realized, as brides, we sweat the small stuff! Take note of these tips:
  1. The Infamous Guest List: A wedding is about sharing YOUR day with your friends and family, not with random people you just met or people you haven't talked to in years... facebook does not count! Most of the random people who want to come to your wedding don't even want to be there for you. They are only interested in free food, drinks, and a good party! You should not feel bad for not inviting someone that you do not want to be there. Remember, it is your day. Plus everyone will not bring a gift anyway! I digress...
  2. You Cannot Please Everybody: Let me tell you, a wedding brings out the true colors and emotions in everybody! I'm talking about friends and family. Everyone wants to be involved in some way or another and they want to tell you how your wedding should be! You just have to brush this stuff off and try not to lose focus of why you are getting married.
  3. Details: A lot of brides stress over small details that no one will notice anyway. Seriously, who keeps wedding favors? No one noticed your personalized matches at your wedding... get my drift?!
  4. Wedding Theme: Your wedding is not a circus. I prefer to say wedding style than theme. Keep it simple and sweet and do not go overboard. Note: do not have more than 3 colors in your wedding decor. Any more will start looking tacky.
  5. KIDS: You do not have to have kids at your wedding if you do not want to. If the parents get offended, they should get over it. No one wants babies crying out during their ceremony!
  6. Do It Yourself: Have you found some hot new decor item that you want at your wedding but can't afford it? Try making it yourself! There are so many tutorial videos on the Internet, that you will find anything you want!
  7. Get The Groom Involved: I was fortunate enough to have a fiance who was interested in our wedding planning. Ask the groom what he likes. Make sure the wedding reflects his style as well so that he will want to help out. Remember, it's not just about the bride. Also, assign him some tasks so he can help you!
  8. Process of Elimination: Once you figure out your wedding style, start eliminating anything that doesn't reflect that. This will save your time and your sanity! When my husband and I were searching for a wedding venue, we already knew we wanted a modern wedding in the city. We did not visit venues outside of the city because that wasn't what we wanted. This saved us, what could have been, a huge headache in the long run.
  9. Stick To Your Budget: Develop a budget and stick to it! There are so many ideas for weddings, that it is easy to go over budget, but it's not worth it. Try to negotiate with your vendors as well. Most are willing to work with you to get your business. Plus, your guests will not even notice those random things you splurged on.
Just remember, do not lose focus of what's most important, your marriage! The wedding is one day. Do not put more energy into your wedding planning than you do your relationship during your engagement. Once the wedding is over and everyone is gone, it will be just you and your husband... the love of your life!
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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Cocktail Cupcakes!

My husband and I attended the 1 year anniversary for Cocktail Cupcakes last night at Buckhead Bottle Bar and we had a great time! These cupcakes are infused with your favorite cocktails, I'm talking real liquor people! Boy are they good! My favorite flavor is champagne. OMG Booth was in the house taking crazy pictures of anyone who dared to step in. OMG Booth is such a fun element to add to any party! Take a look at the pics below.

Me and my hubby

Brittany Elaine... The mastermind behind Cocktail Cupcakes

Candy Couture was also on the scene with a sweet display of their candy bar! More pics to come...
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Fall Weddings: 11 Glam Fall Wedding Ideas

Fall Weddings: 11 Glam Fall Wedding Ideas

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Friday, November 12, 2010

Venue Spotlight

What a way to say "I do"! The Mansion on Peachtree is absolutely fabulous! It's an ultra-luxury boutique hotel in the heart of Buckhead. Lord knows I love anything with the word boutique! I'll let the pictures do the talking...

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Stylish Floral Design

Now this is what I call stylish! Check out the pictures below from SHOSHO DESIGNS. Shoshona, the owner, is a good friend of mine who does contemporary floral design and event decor. Her work is fabulous!

Photography: Blue World Studios

SHOSHO Designs Signature Cake Decor. The beautiful wedding cake is by Sweet Sensations.
Photography: Robin Gaucher Photography.
Photography by: WilGrant Weddings

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Chaviano Couture

Need a custom gown? Contact Annette, the owner of Chaviano Couture Below is just a sample of her dresses that were debuted at Bridal Market in NYC October 15-18, 2010. Annette makes gorgeous gowns and has a beautiful spirit, you will enjoy working with her! Her work has been featured in Southern Weddings Magazine and Martha Stewart Weddings.

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Breakfast with a Twist!

Want to have a morning wedding with a breakfast reception but with a twist? How about having breakfast, tapas style! It will spice up your morning reception and will allow for major guest interaction. Just add a juice bar and you are all set! Aren't the pictures below just delish and of course stylish?!

Photo credits:
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